Approval Tutorials

The feature allows customers to manage approval processes for orders.

Four new scopes are added to the functionality:

Designed for a customer:

  • approval.approval_read_own
  • approval.approval_manage_own
Designed for a customer, admin (B2B_ADMIN), buyer (B2B_BUYER) and requester (B2B_REQUESTER):
  • approval.approval_read
  • approval.approval_manage

Users are able to read or manage only the approvals that are assigned to them.

Scopes rules

Only the customers from B2B_REQUESTER and B2B_BUYER groups can create an approval, and only a customer of the same company can be chosen as an approver. An approver needs to be assigned to the B2B_ADMIN or B2B_BUYER group.An approval for a given resource can be created only by the resource’s owner. The approval can be updated, but only if it's still pending processing, the status is then visible as PENDING.

Customers can manage only the approvals which are assigned to them. The scopes are granted automatically when a customer is logged in to our system. The scopes that are granted depend on the user group to which the user is assigned. Nevertheless, if a token needs to be generated based on an API key, then you can use the OAuth service to get the token, see OAuth Service, Customer Token.

How to manage approvals

An approval can be created only by a customer who doesn't have the permission to trigger the checkout, which means to create an order. Only customers from the B2B_REQUESTER group and B2B_BUYER groups can create an approval. Customers from B2B_BUYER group can create approval only when the cost of the order exceeds the company limit, then the approval from an admin is required.

After creating the approval, items can be updated by the PATCH endpoint. Customer can change the status, details, delivery window and comment of the approval.


Approvals can be fetched by a customer. Only the approval which is assigned to the customer is returned.

To get a single approval: