Catalog Service Tutorials

How to create a catalog and assign a category to it

You can assign categories to a catalog when creating or updating the catalog. The following procedure covers the latter scenario.

Create a catalog


Catalog names and descriptions are localized. When creating a new catalog, you can specify the catalog name and description in two different ways — in one language or in multiple languages.

Looking for more info on localization? Check out Standard practices.

To create a new catalog, you need to send a request to the Creating a new catalog endpoint.

Create a category


For more information, check out How to create a category.


Assign the category to the catalog

To assign the newly created category to a catalog, you need to send a request to the Partially updating a catalog endpoint.In the request body, insert the ID of the category into the categoryIds array. In this example, we also present how to set the visibility timeframe of the catalog with the visibility field.

The Catalog Service automatically checks for any category-deleted events. Every time a root category is deleted, it is automatically removed from all catalogs it belonged to.